Thursday, July 25, 2024

Highway 4 to close once again at troublesome Cameron Bluffs site due to falling debris


The stretch of highway between Parksville and Port Alberni is once again closed due to falling debris caused by Vancouver Island’s most prolific wildfire of the summer.

During the heat of the summer, Highway 4 was partially closed for a long period of time after a wildfire destabilized the steep cliffs, causing rock and tree debris to fall to the roadway in a potentially catastrophic way. 

Crews worked through these conditions to suppress the blaze and following that, got to work clearing the debris from the cliff face and the road below. 

A massive fence was erected along this stretch to catch any further debris.

However, the roadway is to be temporarily shut down once again this Thursday, December 7th so that crews can attend the area and remove some fallen debris from the fenced off cliff face. 


“The minor rockslide was completely intercepted by the rock-fall mitigation barrier and fencing,” said the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. 

“The ministry’s geotechnical engineers evaluated the site and determined travel remained safe.”

“The ministry’s contractor requires this planned, full closure of the highway to perform the cleanup, which will involve equipment using the travelling lanes of Highway 4 while rock is removed from behind the barricades.”

The Province says that the highway will be closed from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Thursday.

“The highway will reopen to traffic once the work is complete. No further closures are planned,” the Province concluded.

Curtis Blandy

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