Friday, February 23, 2024

Langford man protests grocer price gouging with reusable tote bags for food bank fundraising


It’s no surprise that food prices have been on the rise and people are finding it more difficult to stock their fridges and pantries on a budget. 

A particular individual in Langford, Bartosz Bos, was also feeling the effects of heightened grocery bills and decided to take a creative approach to his frustration. 

Through his business, Cutouts Canada, he has launched a reusable tote bag that expresses a collective dissatisfaction towards the practices of Canadian grocery monopolies, particularly targeting the Canadian oligarch, Galen Weston, former CEO of Loblaws.

(Cutouts Canada)

For every tote bag sold, Bos has vowed to give $5 to the Goldstream Food Bank, a local charity committed to alleviating food insecurity in the community.

By channeling his public outrage into a positive force for change, he has since raised $500 for the Goldstream Food Bank and is determined to continue the initiative—using his platform to shed light on the issue of monopolistic practices in Canada’s grocery industry.

“People may think $500 is just a drop in the bucket, but we are determined to make a difference, not just by contributing to a local food bank but also by raising awareness about the practices of powerful grocery corporations,” said Bos.

“This is something all Canadians, regardless of political stripe, can get behind.”

Bos invites everyone to join the movement and help him make an impact as well as inspire change.

For more information on the Cutouts Canada tote bag, you can visit Bos’ website, here.

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