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Santa Claus has been cleared for travel in Canadian airspace (VIDEO)


Get ready, because Santa Claus is on his way!

The federal government just gave the green light for his flight through Canadian airspace, so get set for some North Pole magic headed your way soon!

Today, the minister of transport, Pablo Rodriguez,  announced that the North Pole’s renowned resident, accompanied by his team of nine reindeers, successfully completed a rigorous certification and inspection process and have been granted clearance for travel within Canadian airspace.

As is required every year, the minister personally reviews all of Santa’s paperwork and checks it twice.

In turn, Santa shared a copy of his flight plan, his pre-flight checklist (although not a copy of the naughty/nice list) and confirmed he has had enough rest before the long flight ahead.

“Each year, Transport Canada inspectors travel to the North Pole to take a close look at Santa’s sleigh and its safety systems,” the news release went on to say, which includes the landing gear, de-icing systems, and navigation equipment.

Minister Rodriguez, after a call from the Prime Minister, prioritized clearing Santa’s travel for on-time gift delivery across Canada.

“I’m delighted to fulfill the important task of clearing Santa and his crew for travel in Canadian airspace in my role as minister of transport,” said Rodriquez.

“We will be working around the clock to guarantee Santa and his reindeer have a safe and jolly trip across our country.”

You can track Santa and his reindeer on the NORAD Tracks Santa website.

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