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This past year, Victoria Buzz turned 10, and we’re offering vintage-Victoria Buzz logo t-shirts ahead of the holiday season!

It all began as just a Facebook page in October 2012, but what many don’t know is that our journey started under the name ‘Victoria Directory’.

A pivotal moment occurred when we realized that ‘Victoria Directory’ wasn’t the name to propel us into becoming a household brand. Thus, a rebrand was launched in 2013.

After brainstorming numerous names, ‘Victoria Buzz’ emerged as the chosen one.

Our inaugural logo served us well for just over four years.

In 2017, during a Canada 150 event, we sensed it was time for a rebrand. While we were becoming a go-to place in the industry, our logo wasn’t universally recognizable.

Changing our logo wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We deliberated on the prospect for over two years, concluding that a complete makeover wasn’t necessary; rather, an evolution of the logo was in order.

Humble beginnings hardly describe it.

While our initial goal wasn’t to revolutionize the local industry, that’s precisely what happened.

The city lacked a platform to discuss its passions, and Victoria Buzz filled that void. It became a hub for events, culture, sports, entertainment, small businesses, and city development.

A passion project with a simple aim—connecting people to their city and showcasing its greatness—expanded into a site that united individuals who shared a belief in Victoria and the impact an online platform could have on communities.

Throughout the past decade, we’ve grown as a company and as a publication, yet our purpose remains unchanged. We’ve evolved from a basement blog to an office at Uptown, now reaching over 400,000 readers monthly.

A decade is a significant span, particularly considering the short lifespan of many new businesses. We’re honoured, humbled, and grateful for your continued support over these years.

In light of our 10-year anniversary and the shift in our logo since 2017, we’re thrilled to commemorate this milestone by launching a limited-edition Victoria Buzz vintage logo t-shirt.

These shirts are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. With limited stock in each size, it’s first-come, first-served.

To purchase a shirt at $25 each, kindly e-transfer to, specifying the size(s) in the transfer’s message section.

For those preferring PayPal, email us at the above address, and we’ll arrange payment through that method.

While the past couple of years presented challenges like the Online News Act and the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to adapt and the loyalty of Victoria Buzz readers helped us overcome these hurdles. Hence, a heartfelt thank you!

Thank you for a decade of support, feedback, comments, shares, RTs, likes, emails, messages, and even the occasional letter.

Thanks to those who’ve read our articles, watched our videos, contributed to our content, worked with us, and advertised alongside us.

We couldn’t have reached this point without you, and we can’t venture into the next 10 years without your continued support.

Keep holding us to high standards—we need it, our city needs it.

Here’s to our remarkable first 10 years!

Mike Kelly
Founder and owner of Victoria Buzz, Vancouver Island's fastest growing local media outlet. Father of Victoria Royals' super fan. Have a story to share?

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