Jesse's grandfather's glasses donned by Ella and Charlie
Ella, Jesse and Charlie
Ella, Jesse and Charlie – Photo by ItkasanImages

A Victoria wedding photographer’s album documenting her baby Ella and dog Charlie in matching poses, has gone viral. Jesse Holland‘s adorable side-by-side photos of her daughter and dog, have been featured this week by BuzzFeed and Huffington Post. Victoria Buzz caught up with the local celebrities!

The owl hat that started it all...
The owl hat that started it all…

It all began with an owl hat, “Well, I got this hat from my father and step-mother for my daughter Ella’s first birthday and I put it on the dog, because I thought it would be entertaining to dress my dog up like a child. And he was not impressed with this choice.”

Jesse's grandfather's glasses donned by Ella and Charlie
Jesse’s grandfather’s glasses donned by Ella and Charlie

However, a couple of days later while she was digging through a drawer, Jesse found these glasses that used to belong to her grandfather, “I have pictures of a whole bunch of family members putting on these glasses, so I had to do it again with my kid and my dog. And then I kind of got hooked on coming up with different scenarios to put them in, where they sort of mirrored each other. And off it went.”

Getting ready for school...
Getting ready for school

At first she posted them to her Instagram and Facebook as a way to keep her family and friends, who live in California, updated.

Heading outdoors...
Enjoying the great outdoors

“But I kept getting comments from my circle of friends and so later down the road I decided to post some of them to Bored Panda and that’s when things just exploded.”

Dealing with the paparazzi
Dealing with the paparazzi

Within 24hrs the Huffington Post and Buzz Feed had contacted her and her inbox has been buzzing ever since!

You can see more of these adorable pictures at One Dog. One Baby. Who wore it better.


*Featured photographs courtesy of Jesse Holland

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