Chrissy Brett in Oak Bay in 2017 (Chrissy Brett/Twitter)

The homeless campers of ‘Namegans Nation’ were served an invoice today from Oak Bay police for the costs of their previous stay in the municipality.

The roving tent city moved from its location outside the Saanich Fire Hall Wednesday after it received notice to vacate the provincial land, and moved to a gravel area near Cattle Point in Oak Bay.

Police also told the homeless campers that they were in breach of an Oak Bay bylaw that prohibits tents or other structures from being setup in a park without a permit.

“This is a bylaw that we have enforced recently on a group of campers from West Vancouver who overnighted in Oak Bay while visiting the area,” said Oak Bay Police in a press release. “Those individuals left immediately and without incident once informed of the bylaw.”

Officers say that the invoice was given to the homeless encampment without incident as well.

The invoice, which is now a total of $1882.65, was for the tent city’s previous stay in Oak Bay in the fall of 2017. At the time, the homeless camp leader Chrissy Brett criticized the Oak Bay Police of “making it personal not policing” in a tweet.

The Oak Bay Police responded with a tweet of their own, saying “We have an invoice for you. It was initially going to be mailed to your home…but I felt we should just hold it for you for if you came back. Its for the damaged bench $1500 & 3 Hazmat call-outs ($500 each). I’ll hold it here and if you return to camp, it will be served on you.”

It is undetermined where the roving camp city will move to next, if it plans on moving at all.