island bakery

Vancouver Island is losing one of its finest local businesses. 

Island Bakery announced on its Facebook page on January 22nd that it would be turning off its ovens on January 31st, 2020, and shutting down complete operations on February 10th. 

The bakery has been operational for 38 years, after Larry and Audrey Roscoe started baking back in 1982.

Island Bakery owners Audrey, Jeff, and Robbie Roscoe noted that the decision to close was a difficult one. Unfortunately for the family, the numbers couldn’t support their operation anymore. 

“[We] have lost many nights sleep coming to this decision,” the Roscoes wrote. “We work on a volume-based business model and over the years we’ve seen a drastic decline in volume because of market trends [and] large national brands giving kickbacks and rebates to be exclusive.

“Our little bakery has no choice but to close our doors.”

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The bakery also thanked the community for their support in the message.

“Over the years, we’ve been honoured to sponsor countless others, from local charities, sports teams, school functions, food banks and many many more,” they wrote. 

“Thank you for bringing us into your homes for the past 38 years.”

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