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Huntingdon Manor’s ‘Dr. Bonnie Henry Commemorative Community Garden’ unveiled as permanent fixture


Good news for the fresh produce lovers and local business supporters!

On August 17th, the Huntingdon Manor Hotel and Pendray Inn and Tea House, in collaboration with the James Bay Neighborhood Association (JBNA), unveiled their temporary COVID-19 garden as a new permanent fixture.

It’s available to the public with recommended visitations between dawn and dusk for your best garden experience! 

The harvest belongs to the gardeners themselves, who are all residents of Victoria — they currently have 25 individuals committed to this task.

(Dr. Bonnie Henry
Commemorative Community Garden / Huntingdon Manor Hotel)

Initially, this 12-plot garden was established in 2020 as a temporary project to provide local residents with the opportunity to access fresh produce during those long periods of uncertainty and challenges.

“In response to the challenges of COVID-19 and wanting to support our community, we transformed an unused land into a community garden,” Julia Canton, Director of Sales & Marketing said.

Upon its new permanence status, the garden has been named the Dr. Bonnie Henry Commemorative Community Garden to honour Dr. Bonnie Henry and her response to the pandemic.

Since its initial creation, it is said that the garden has grown into 25 plots, including three that are accessible!

(Dr. Bonnie Henry Community Garden / Huntingdon Manor Hotel)

“As the first private business in Victoria to take such an initiative, we are not only proud of our achievements but hope to set a precedent for other businesses to follow,” Canton said.

According to the release, they also hope visitors will see this as more than just a space transformed — it is also a vision that represents a pledge to see and use land differently and more sustainably as well as a commitment to mental well-being by forging deeper connections with nature. 

They are excited that the garden is here to stay as a testament to community collaboration and a commitment to providing both fresh produce and a peaceful spot to relax and reflect!

Dr. Bonnie Henry Commemorative Community Garden

  • Where: On the grounds of Huntingdon Manor Hotel, 330 Quebec Street
  • When: Accessible to the public from dawn until dusk

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