Westshore RCMP cruiser
(File photo)

West Shore RCMP responded to a peculiar call for help earlier this week after a masked invader broke into a Langford home.

At around 9:40 p.m. on Tuesday August 22nd, police received a call from the 500-block of Leckfield Avenue, where the caller was frantically screaming on the other end of the phone. 

Moments after this call, police received another report that a dog had been attacked from the same location. 

Police say they found out the medium sized dog had been attacked by a raccoon in the yard, then the masked offender followed the dog back inside the family’s home.

West Shore RCMP called Animal Control; however, they were unable to attend at that time, so police sent officers in to deal with the commotion. 

The residents of the house then had a standoff with the creature, but managed to get it trapped inside their bathroom.

While this bizarre altercation was occurring, police were receiving subsequent calls regarding the screaming coming from inside the home out of concern. 

Police say officers used a dog pole which they had in their vehicle and a lacrosse stick the homeowners offered up to capture the raccoon that they would release outside, away from the family home. 

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