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Cineplex is offering $5 movies and popcorn on Tuesdays this February


Movie buffs in Victoria, rejoice!

Cineplex is bringing back the nostalgia of 90s movie ticket prices this February with a spectacular offer that’s too good to miss.

In a bid to reignite the magic of cinema and celebrate the timeless allure of movies, the entertainment giant is slashing prices for an entire month.

During the month of February, every Tuesday marks a cinematic journey back in time as Cineplex introduces its $5 Movie Tuesdays promotion. Yes, you read that right – just five bucks for a general admission ticket and a small bag of popcorn.

It’s a steal! Nostalgia and movies have always been inseparable, and Cineplex is tapping into that sentiment with gusto.

From the revival of classic romantic comedies from the early 2000s to revisiting beloved titles like Mean Girls, the company is embracing the essence of cinematic nostalgia.

And what better way to do that than by offering tickets at a price reminiscent of the late nineties?

“We’re taking Tuesday pricing back to the late nineties when Canadians were running to see iconic movies like Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace, The Sixth Sense, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Toy Story 2 and The Matrix,” said Sara Moore, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Cineplex.

“As the country’s top entertainment destination, we are delighted to give Canadians more reasons to come in from the cold to experience movie magic with friends and family this February.”

General admission tickets for Tuesday showtimes will be available for just $5, plus tax.

While online bookings will incur a small additional fee, the overall cost remains a fraction of regular prices—Scene+ members will also get an extra 10% off the ticket purchase.

But what’s a movie without popcorn?

Cineplex understands the importance of this quintessential cinema snack and is ensuring moviegoers don’t miss out.

Alongside the discounted tickets, a small bag of their signature popcorn will also be up for grabs at just $5, plus tax, each Tuesday throughout February.

However, there are a few caveats to note. The popcorn offer is exclusive to in-person purchases and cannot be availed through delivery services like Uber Eats or SkipTheDishes. Additionally, the $5 Movie Tuesdays deal does not apply to non-feature films or event Cinema presentations.

So, whether you’re planning a movie night with friends, a family outing, a romantic date, or even a solo escape into the world of cinema, Cineplex has you covered this February.

Don’t miss the chance to relive the magic of the silver screen at a price that feels like a blast from the past.

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