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Starbucks recalls birthday cake pops after pill allegedly found inside one at Courtenay location


A bizarre incident involving a cake pop in Courtenay has prompted Starbucks to pull the product from all of its shelves across Canada out of an abundance of caution.

Over the weekend, a Courtenay mother took to social media, stating she had found a pill inside a birthday cake pop.

The woman who made the purchase posted on Facebook, saying her 5-year-old son took a big bite and remarked that it tasted “funny.”

He then expressed that he didn’t want to eat it anymore.

That’s when they discovered a blue and red pill inside the dessert.

“I reached back to take it from him and found this pill in the center,” reads the post.

“Both Courtenay locations acted quickly and pulled all cake pops off their shelves,” the mom wrote to the Moms of Comox Valley page.

“I write today to inform you all that it can happen, and it has happened,” she added. “Please watch what you hand off to your kids.”

In an email statement to Victoria Buzz, Starbucks Canada acknowledged the incident and stated they are actively investigating together with their supplier.

“We have issued a voluntary stop-sell and hold on a certain lot of the Birthday Cake Pops in Canada out of an abundance of caution while the investigation is underway,” said a representative with Starbucks Canada. “Delivering a safe and quality experience to our customers is our top priority, and we act swiftly whenever a potential concern is raised.”

Starbucks says they are in contact with the customer and will cooperate with the authorities throughout the investigation.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to Comox RCMP for more information and to see whether a report has been made to them.

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