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BC Ferries rebranding to ‘BC Mermaids’ featuring underwater travel experience


In a surprising announcement today, BC Ferries revealed plans for a major rebranding effort that will transform the iconic ferry service into something truly out of the ordinary.

Effective May 1st, BC Ferries will be renamed “BC Mermaids,” offering passengers a one-of-a-kind underwater travel experience unlike anything seen before.

The decision to rebrand comes as part of BC Ferries’ ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in maritime transportation.

According to a company spokesperson, the transition to BC Mermaids represents a bold leap into a new era for the corporation.

“We believe that by embracing our coastal environment in a new and imaginative way, we can provide passengers with an unforgettable journey beneath the waves,” the spokesperson explained.

Under the new branding, each ferry in the BC Mermaids fleet will undergo a stunning transformation, complete with sleek mermaid-inspired designs and underwater viewing windows.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, BC Mermaids will introduce a range of exciting amenities and activities designed to enhance the passenger experience.

From underwater yoga sessions to guided marine life tours led by expert guides, there will be something for everyone to enjoy on board.

Reaction to the rebranding has been mixed, with some applauding BC Ferries’ boldness and creativity, while others express skepticism about the practicality.

Nevertheless, anticipation is running high among those eager to dive into this new aquatic adventure.

What are your thoughts on the rebrand?


UPDATE: Now that it is past 12 p.m. on April 1st, we can confirm that this was an April Fools’ joke. Hope you enjoyed it!

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