Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pacific FC opts for a one-year deal with Langford instead of five-year contract


Just ahead of the Pacific FC (PFC) home opener this weekend, the City of Langford and the football club solidified a one-year contract for Starlight Stadium use. 

Contract negotiations for this deal have been ongoing since June 30th of last year when the previous five-year deal expired and the team decided not to automatically renew their deal with the City. 

Langford’s city council says they were hoping for a long-term deal like they had before, lasting five years at least, but settled on a one-year deal for the time being because they know how important the team is to the community. 

PFC was not willing to sign a deal any longer than one-year’s time. 

Langford says that in the coming months, City staff will be working with PFC to secure a new five-year deal that will kick in when this one-year contract expires, securing the team in the West Shore. 

“The City of Langford and PFC have a longstanding, collaborative partnership, and we’re excited to see the contract signed,” said Langford Mayor, Scott Goodmanson. 

“PFC brings an array of community benefits related to economic development and social impact.”

Mayor Goodmanson says that the city council recognizes these benefits and the contributions that PFC offers the community. 

“Langford is Trident territory, and we look forward to cheering on PFC throughout the 2024 season and beyond,” he concluded.


According to the City, part of the recent negotiations were in regards to the usage of Langford’s Indoor Training Facility (ITF), which was built in part to serve the team as well as to expand the City’s capacity for youth soccer development. 

PFC pays a nominal fee of $1 per year to use ITF as part of their contract. 

In the ITF usage review requested by PFC, the City says they will consider wider community recreation opportunities, gaps, and needs.

Langford says that in addition to exploring options for the ITF, City staff will also explore opportunities and costs associated with expansion of Starlight Stadium in the coming months.

This may include a potential referendum to gauge Langford residents opinions on the matter. This part of the deal hinges on whether or not PFC will sign a five-year deal by the fall, according to the City.

PFC’s home opener is this Saturday, April 13th, at 4 p.m. at Starlight Stadium in Langford.

Curtis Blandy

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