Comox Valley resident Adam Nash was sitting in his truck near Courtenay when he found himself surrounded by three cougars on Tuesday.

He immediately got his camera to record the curious cats. The clip initially shows two cougars slowly approaching the car and looking directly into the camera.

Oh my God, oh my God,” Nash says.

Near the end of the video, he turns the camera to the left, catching a third cougar on a nearby dirt path.

He wants to eat me,” Nash says.

Nash told Chek News that he spotted the big cats on Forbidden Plateau Road around 5 p.m. on Tuesday. The trio checked out his truck for about 15 minutes before taking off.

“I shut the truck off and kind of sat there quietly. They came right up to say hi,” Nash, who lives in the Comox Valley, told the outlet.

Wildlife experts told Global News that the juvenile cats were likely young and very curious. They said Nash was lucky to see three at one time.

While videos like this one are rare, encounters between humans and cougars on Vancouver Island are not.


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