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Have you ever considered the impact that having the proper mattress and/or pillows has on your quality of asleep?

Luckily, companies such as Resthouse Sleep Solutions exist to aid in just that – and to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep possible!

Resthouse is also proud to offer quality organic products for your home; and they’re even giving away two FREE organic pillows to one lucky winner, so you can catch the best z’s of your life.

The science of sleep

The experts over at Resthouse Sleep Solutions believe that nourishing sleep and relaxation are the nectar of life – we all deserve it and need it, yet it is often the first thing to be neglected when it comes to our health.

The body heals, the mind slows and the spirit is refreshed by quality sleep and daily relaxation.

Choosing the perfect pillow

Studies show that a high percentage of sleep issues are caused by an unfit pillow, and because of this many are on the hunt for the “perfect” fit.

Unfortunately, not all pillows are created equal and the “one size fits all” philosophy that many people adhere to doesn’t really work. In reality, everyone’s needs differ, therefore choosing your pillow wisely is always a good idea.

Some common complaints about pillows are that they’re either too firm or too soft; not malleable enough; may cause allergies or sensitivities, or even have strong chemical smells emitting from materials.

Luckily, one of the great things about customization is that even if the pillow is too full, it can be personalized down to a more appropriate size for each sleeper – this is why it makes it easy and safe to purchase online.

Resthouse offers many types of fills for pillows, so you can pick and choose! Some of these include shredded latex, wool, alpaca and more.

With some help and guidance and lots of great options, it is possible to find that “just right” pillow, especially when you’re able to adapt the fill inside.

If you take some time to explore and find the pillow with characteristics that match your needs perfectly, you’ll be well on your way to a good night’s sleep in no time!

(Resthouse Sleep Solutions)

** Contest now closed – Congratulation, Elisabeth Turner! You are our winner of two organic pillows care of our friends at Resthouse Sleep Solutions!


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