Check out some retro footage of skateboarding in ye old town of Victoria back in the 70s!

The skatepark might look unfamiliar, but it’s actually Anderson park prior to renovations. Located just by Esquimalt high, the park was modified in the early-2000s into a more conservative setup with a few boxes and some stairs, but back in the 70s, there was a full bowl for all skateboard connoisseurs to enjoy.

The video features some serious pylon-maneuvering, the nifty construction of a custom skateboard, and towards the end some fantastic footage of 70s skater life.

But be warned, this is around 1975, and in the 70s they really meant it when they were calling “shorts” shorts.

Some highlights we think you will like

Building a skateboard
Skatin’ the bowl
Some serious handstand skateboarding

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