Friday, May 17, 2024

33% of pet owners in BC keep pets cool with AC despite costs: BC Hyrdo


Got to keep our pet babies cool during these hot temperatures!

A recently released report from BC Hydro shows that 33% of pet owners use air conditioning in order to keep their pets cool, regardless of the cost.

In addition, 30% of the 800 British Columbians surveyed between June 10th to 13th, say they use a fan, while 12 per cent give their pet a cool drink.

While many are mindful of their own AC use, when it comes to their pet(s) cost is not a big concern. In fact, two thirds said they do not care if their electricity bill is higher in the summer if it means their pet is cool and comfortable.

BC Hydro data shows that AC use increased by about 50 per cent over the past decade and nearly 40 per cent of homes in the province have and air conditioner, which is the biggest energy user in the summer.

Running a central AC for nine hours a day can cost British Columbians around $300 in electricity costs over the summer months, according to the hydro company.

BC Hydro offered up some advice to anyone looking for tips to keep themselves and their pets cool, including suggesting to purchase a heat pump, use a cooling mat for your pet to lie on, shade windows, or strategically use fans.

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