Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Greater Victoria gas prices spike 13 cents to $212.9 overnight


Prepare to dig a bit deeper into your pockets if you’re planning to refuel your vehicle this Thursday.

Just when you thought the end of the summer driving season would lead to a drop in fuel prices, it seems that expectations have been proven wrong.

The cost of a liter of regular gasoline in Greater Victoria experienced a significant uptick overnight, marking one of the most substantial increases we’ve seen in a while.

After maintaining a steady rate of around $1.99 per liter for the majority of September, the pump prices have surged by approximately 13 cents to $2.129 per liter at most fueling stations across the region.

The culprit behind this sudden price hike?

Refinery issues in southern California have started to draw gasoline supply away from the areas that also cater to a significant portion BC.

As this supply shift takes place, it’s causing prices to rise.

Most gas stations in Greater Victoria are now offering the lowest end fuel at $2.129 per liter this morning. If you come across yesterday’s prices today, seize the opportunity!

As you fill up, don’t overlook the need to allocate more funds for an anticipated rise in interest rates later this fall, given the persistently high inflation rates we’ve witnessed over the summer.

Are you feeling the pinch of rising prices in Greater Victoria? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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