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BC most satisfied province when it comes to premier approval rates: poll


A recent poll reveals that among all of Canada’s provinces and territories, BC is the most satisfied with its leader.

According to Research Co., a statistics and analytics firm based in BC, only 47% of British Coumbians believe someone else could do a better job than Premier David Eby.

This is the lowest rate of dissent toward a premier across the country. 

In Ontario, the poll indicates that 64% of voters think someone else could be doing better than their premier. 

The poll also analyzed the percentage of Canadians who are satisfied with the job that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing to run the country from Ottawa.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s disapproval rate was calculated together at 59%, the second highest and the Atlantic provinces the highest at 67%.

“More than half of men in Canada (55%) think the country would be better off with a different prime minister,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. 

“The proportion of women who feel the same way is slightly lower, but rising (49%).”

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Perhaps the most surprising questions from this poll asked Canadians whether they would prefer their province be its own country, join the United States or remain a province of Canada. 

Research Co. found that just under one-quarter of Canadians, 24%, believe their province would be better off as its own country.

Amongst British Columbians, that percentage is even higher than the average at 27% wanting to separate from Canada. 

The poll found that only 18% of Canadians think their province would be better off as a state, joining up with the United States of America. In BC that percentage sits at 17%.

How do you feel about this data? Do you think Premier Eby’s current glowing approval could push him to announce a snap election? Let us know in the comments.

Curtis Blandy

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