Tuesday, June 25, 2024

2-year-old son of Victoria-born David Foster goes viral for drumming skills (VIDEO)


Looks like it runs in the family!

The 2-year-old son of Victoria’s own David Foster, a renowned music producer and musician, has gone viral on social media for his early aptitude for drumming. 

Foster, 74, and his wife Katharine McPhee, 39, both posted a video of their son Rennie playing the drums in their home along to the Michael Jackson song, Rock with You, on Friday, January 5th and it took the internet by storm. 

The video has been liked by millions across the world and received over 28,000 comments of adoration and amazement since it was posted. 

Foster is a father to six children, with his youngest prior to Rennie being 37-years old. In an interview with People Magazine, Foster said that his other children have all embraced Rennie.

He also said that Rennie’s aptitude for drumming came from watching Foster and McPhee’s touring drummer with such wonder, the couple opted to get him his own kit and allow him to play around. 

In the video, Foster can be seen encouraging Rennie from the sofa with pride in his eyes. 

What do you think of Rennie’s drumming skills? Let us know in the comments!

Curtis Blandy

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