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BC Transit to end discount on sheets of 10 single ride tickets


Victorians who purchase sheets of 10 single ride BC Transit tickets will have to pay a little more starting next month.

Starting May 1st, BC Transit said they will be removing the discount applied to sheets of 10 single ride tickets in the Victoria Regional Transit System.

Currently, a sheet of 10 tickets costs $22.50, providing a slight discount from the full fare of $2.50 per ride. There are plans to eliminate the 10 ticket fare entirely later this year.

While no other fare costs are being changed at the moment, BC Transit recently concluded public feedback on possible fare increases for the Victoria system.

BC Transit proposed options ranging from raising single ride fares to between $2.75 and $3, increasing the day pass to $6 from the current $5, setting the month pass at $90 instead of $85, and adjusting the concession month pass to $55 from its current price.

The aim of the increase is to enhance the number of service hours in the Victoria system, leading to more frequent bus operations.


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