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Uber names Victoria dopest city in all of British Columbia ahead of 4/20


As 4/20 approaches, the anticipation for cannabis enthusiasts across British Columbia intensifies, including the capital city.

Amongst the plethora of cities embracing the high life, Victoria stands tall as the pinnacle of cannabis culture in the province.

Uber Eats’ latest insights unveil Victoria’s reign as the foremost destination for cannabis connoisseurs, marking it as the first and foremost “dopest” city in BC.

Since April of last year—when cannabis delivery services were made available via Uber Eats in BC—the province has seen a surge in demand for safe and convenient access to these kind of products.

Victoria, with its vibrant culture and progressive attitude towards cannabis, emerges as the frontrunner in this budding industry.

From the historic charm of downtown to the scenic beauty of its coastal surroundings, Victoria provides the perfect backdrop for cannabis enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite strains.

Among the top ordering trends in Victoria and across the province, the demand for premium cannabis strains is notably high. Tiger’s Blood takes the crown as the most sought-after strain, embodying the essence of BC’s cannabis scene with its potent blend of flavors and effects.

Following closely behind are iconic strains like Rolls Choice, Ghost Train Haze, Pink Kush, and Blue Dream, each offering a unique experience for consumers seeking the finest quality cannabis.

Beyond Victoria’s leading role in cannabis consumption, Uber Eats’ data sheds light on other notable trends shaping the industry across British Columbia. From the popularity of pre-rolls and edibles to the rising demand for flower (bud), consumers are exploring a variety of consumption methods to suit their preferences.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Uber Eats and local cannabis retailers has revolutionized the way Canadians access cannabis products, offering a safe and reliable delivery option for adults aged 19 and above. By leveraging Uber Eats’ extensive network, cannabis retailers in Victoria and beyond have been able to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience of cannabis enthusiasts.

As we celebrate cannabis culture this 4/20, Victoria stands as a testament to the growing acceptance and normalization of cannabis in British Columbia. With its vibrant community and progressive outlook, Victoria leads the way forward, inspiring other cities to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis legalization and consumption.

The top five dopest cities in BC for orders: 

  • Victoria
  • North Vancouver
  • Vancouver
  • Port Moody
  • New Westminster

The top five dankest strains ordered in BC:

  • Tiger Blood
  • Sativa 20% Plus – Weed Me Grind
  • Sourz by Spinach – Strawberry Mango
  • Indica 20% Plus – Weed Me Grind
  • Ghost Train Haze

The most popular ways to consume (Cannabis products ordered the most in Canada)

  • Pre-rolls
  • Edibles
  • Flower (bud)
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