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‘Timeless classic’: Anne of Green Gables performance coming to Victoria later this month


For lovers of classic tales and theatre, the Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) is bringing L.M. Montgomery’s timeless piece, Anne of Green Gables to the McPherson Playhouse stage.

Starting on Friday, April 19th and running for eight performances, this adaptation of the longest-running Canadian musical is sure to captivate audiences and bring a renewed love for the story.

This will be the CCPA’s first production of Anne of Green Gables, and will mark the finale of their 25th anniversary season and has a significant number of CCPA alumni on the creative team.

The alumni on the team includes Director Jessica Hickman, Choreographer Joel Sturrock, Musical Director Stephanie Sartore and Production Designer R.J. Peters.

“I believe that Anne of Green Gables is still attractive to audiences today because it mirrors what many of us long for in life; a sense of home, and belonging,” said Director Jessica Hickman

“Fifty-five years after the first production launched in Charlottetown, these basic needs remain the same—and despite knowing the outcome, we all still root for Anne. She is an outsider, and a feminist, and thus her story is still engaging for many of us today. She was ahead of her time, and that is what makes her so special.”

The role of Anne Shirley will be shared between two CCPA students, Tyler-Dale Moon and Winona Myles. 

Also featured will include a live ‘education-centered’ orchestra, drawing together local professionals and exceptional musical students from UVic—promised to bring audiences a rich and full score. 

“Our Year-End Musical is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Victoria Arts Calendar,” said Managing Artistic Director, Caleb Marshall.

“As the College celebrates its 25th Anniversary, I chose instead of re-mounting a show from our past, to produce one we have never done, one that celebrates our name and roots.”

Marshall added that the founders of CCPA, Janis Dunning and Jacques Lemay, both have a long history with the show—their own performances in the show being part of the inspiration for the CCPA’s existence. 

“It promises to be everything we could hope for in an anniversary; classic storytelling, and a beloved heroine, that celebrates musical theatre royalty, alumni talent, and our Canadian pride.”

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here.

Anne of Green Gables

  • Where: McPherson Playhouse, 3 Centennial Square
  • When: Friday, April 19th to April 27th—eight performances

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