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Skateboarder robbed of belongings at knife-point by group of teens in James Bay


One teen was been arrested after a group of youth robbed a skateboarder of his belongings in James Bay.

On the evening of February 20th, at around 8 p.m., VicPD were called to the 100-block of Menzies Street following reports of a robbery involving six youths.

According to the victim, who was returning home from the grocery store via skateboard, a group of youths approached them.

One of the suspects brandished a knife, threatening the victim and absconding with some of their possessions.

Responding officers searched the vicinity and successfully located a group of school-aged youths nearby.

The victim’s belongings were recovered, and one individual, identified as the perpetrator wielding the knife, was apprehended. Subsequently, the youth was released on an appearance notice, pending a future court appearance.

While the investigation remains ongoing, authorities have refrained from disclosing additional details.

In a media release, VicPD said the incident underscores the persistent issue of youth-related violence, which has been a focal point for the VicPD.

In 2022, VicPD responded to ongoing youth violence in downtown Victoria, with some nights seeing over 150 youth gathering and committing various acts of mischief, random assaults, and public consumption of drugs or alcohol.

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