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Commercial trucks in BC will soon require a speed-limiting device capping them at 105 km/h


According to the BC government, heavy commercial trucks passing through the province will soon require digital technology to limit their speed in order to improve highway safety. 

This legislation was announced in December 2023 and takes effect on April 5th, meaning all commercial trucks carrying heavy loads must be outfitted with this technology by the end of this week. 

Specifically, commercial vehicles with a gross-vehicle-weight rating of more than 11,793 kilograms that were manufactured after 1994 will require the device. 

These vehicles will be capped at 105 km/h on any roadway throughout BC and will be unable to accelerate past this speed. 

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The Province says that the new penalty for having a vehicle which requires the speed-limiting device will be a fine of $368. 

Emergency vehicles and motorhomes will be exempt from the legislation. Other exemptions are made at the discretion of the director of Commercial Vehicle and Safety Enforcement.

BC is not the first to implement speed-limiters in the heavy commercial vehicles that operate in the province; they are also used in Ontario and Quebec. 

Curtis Blandy

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