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Police watchdog concludes investigation into suspicious death of Parksville man


The Independent Investigations Office of BC (IIO) have announced that an investigation of theirs in Parksville has come to a close.

The IIO was investigating a situation in which a man was found dead on an unmarked trail in a secluded part of the wilderness near Little Mountain. 

Oceanside RCMP officers were investigated by the IIO because anytime police deal with a situation in which someone dies or is seriously hurt, it must be determined if police action or inaction was the cause. 

From there, the IIO will  either clear the involved officers of any wrongdoing or they will have charges recommended against them. 

According to the IIO, Oceanside RCMP were called around 12:05 p.m. on March 24th after a man was noticed lying in a secluded area of brush away from an unmarked trail just south of Parksville. 

After leaving the area, the individual who noticed the body called police.

Police say that when officers arrived, they were unable to find the body going off directions provided by the one who discovered the body. 

On March 25th, the witness returned to the area and saw the body still lying in the same position.

This individual called the police again and waited for them to arrive. 

Police say they were then able to locate the body and determined that he was already deceased upon being discovered. 

According to the responding officers, they searched the wrong area the night prior and say his body was difficult to discover due to his positioning. 

The IIO then reviewed evidence, including police statements, 911 recordings, witness statements as part of this investigation. 

It was determined by the Chief Civilian Director of the IIO that there was “no causal connection between any action or inaction of an officer” and the deceased’s death.

The BC Coroners Service is also conducting an investigation related to the man’s cause of death, but it has yet to be concluded.

Curtis Blandy

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