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Producers of Victoria’s Rocky Horror Show celebrating two decades with cabaret


Atomic Vaudeville, a beloved local theatre production company, is thrilled to be celebrating 20 years of creating live art!

Marking this monumental occasion will be their 87th cabaret titled, Spring Cabaret: Hope SpringsInferno, held at the Victoria Event Centre (VEC) from April 24th to 27th.

Hope SpringsInferno will present your hosts Hope and Death as they lead an all-star cast on a journey described as a “pop-culture worm ride through spicy dunes, idyllic children’s forests and the mean streets of mob-era Fernwood.”

Come and celebrate 20 years of eccentric, community-driven theatre with singing, dancing and soul searching!

“Our company is a central hub for emerging and established professionals. We provide artists with not only valuable experience but expressive platforms to create new work, which excites and connects our audience,” said Atomic Vaudeville Co-Leader Britt Small.

“Atomic Vaudeville has played a unique role in our local community and over 20 years have become leaders at expanding both the approach to and vision of what theatre can be.”

(Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret / Photo by Helene Cyr)

Since Atomic Vaudeville’s inception in 2004, they’ve worked with over 400 different local and visiting artists, and continue to provide support and mentorship to voices in the Victoria community.

Artists they’ve platformed and mentored include JIMBO the Drag Clown (RuPaul’s Drag Race), Ingrid Hansen (Jim Henson Company puppeteer), and Shirley Gnome (Juno Award nominee).

If you have yet to attend a cabaret, rest assured that they are a hit in Victoria for a reason—hosting productions twice a year at spring and Halloween!

You may already be familiar with their long-time iconic production of cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has become a community staple.

It features a stellar cast and a clear aesthetic vision executed by production designer JIMBO, before he became an international drag superstar.

They’ve also produced Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and were the original producers of hit musical Ride the Cyclone before it was picked up by Broadway producers for a US tour. 

Since then, Atomic Vaudeville has been developing a new musical The Batshits: Halloween Never Dies featuring original songs by local musician and gay renaissance icon Hank Pine, and a script by Becky Johnson (Baroness Von Sketch). 

(Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret / Photo by Helene Cyr)

No matter the show, each has become well known for their bold audience engagement, absurdist social and political commentary, singing, dancing and clowning.

Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate 20 years and make their 87th cabaret an extra special one!

Preview tickets are $27 and standard show tickets are $33—both can be purchased online.

Spring Cabaret: Hope SpringsInferno

  • Where: VEC, 1415 Broad Street
  • When: Wednesday, April 24th to Saturday, April 27th

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